RV Parks/Camping

Chilliwack campsites and RV parks offer some of the best choices available to those who love 'the Great Outside.'  From wilderness camping to family RV parks full of amenities.

Bridal Falls Camperland
(604) 794-7361

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park 
(604) 986-9371

  Cultus Lake Provincial Park
  (604) 869-0066

Royalwood RV
(604) 823-4653

Cottonwood Meadows RV 
Country Club

(604) 824-7275

  Sunshine Valley RV
(604) 869-0066  

Vedder River Campground
(604) 823-6012

Sunnyside Campground
(604) 858-5253

  Sweltzer Creek Campground
  (604) 824-4023

Chilliwack Forestry Campsites

Manning Park Resorts

                  Camp Bridal RV Resort                        (604) 745-2267          www.campbridal.ca


Expert's Blog

Slesse Memorial Trail Due For An Upgrade

The other day I had the privilege to hike the amazing Mt. Slesse Memorial Trail with a handful of people to assess some of the work that needs to be done to make it one of Chilliwack’s flagship trails. For many Chilliwack residents the peak of Mt. Slesse is a prominent and well know feature dominating the skyline as we gaze up the Chilliwack River Valley. However many people do not realize the history and intrigue that is associated with the mountain and all of the features that make it truly a world-renowned gem..... Read more