Located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, the Chilliwack River offers exciting rafting & kayaking throughout the year. This exhilarating river is home to the world renowned Tamihi Rapids, training grounds for current and future White Water Kayaking Olympians and the only natural class 5 training course in Canada. 

Thousands of rafters, kayakers, and adventure seekers visit Chilliwack every year with paddling adventures for the timid, first timers and hard core rafters. 


  • Chilliwack Centre of Excellence

    The Chilliwack Center of Excellence promotes personal achievement through recreational and competitive kayaking.


    Phone: 604-858-0877

  • Chilliwack River Rafting

    Thousands of river rafters and adventure seekers from Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and around the world visit Chilliwack River Rafting each year to enjoy our paddle rafting and overnight camping adventures.


    49704 Chilliwack Lake Road

    Toll Free: 1-800-410-7238

  • Hyak River Rafting

    "Considered to be one of the best rivers near Vancouver, the Chilliwack is the perfect day trip. Nestled amongst the mountains of the North Cascades, the Chilliwack drops 10 meters per kilometer, creating numerous long and continuous rapids. Easily accessible and only one hour from the city, the Chilliwack is highlighted by the Tamahi rapids, where training takes place for the Canadian national kayak team.."


    Phone: 1-800-663-7238

  • Purple Hayes River Rafting

    The main goal of the school and its instructors is to introduce people to the joy of kayaking while giving them a safe and fun outdoor adventure. 


    Phone: 604-858-2888

Expert's Blog

UK Boys Catch Giant 9' 11" Sturgeon in Chilliwack

Chilliwack is proud to have welcomed young fishing duo of ‘Carl & Alex Fishing’ from the UK. These two fishing enthusiasts came to Chilliwack with adventure in their eyes and fishing on their mind, filming their entire, unforgettable experience, from hook to finish.