About Cultus Lake 

Cultus Lake

Cultus Lake Park was founded in 1924 and is managed under the Cultus Lake Park Act, 1932 (the ‘Act’), and is now home to 1110 year round residents and 763 homes.  Cultus Lake is governed by the Cultus Lake Parks Board, comprised of 7 Commissioners. 

Although Chilliwack’s early residents may have enjoyed visiting Cultus Lake for recreation, it was first popular with the Sto:lo First Nations people as a place for spiritual purposes.  Around the 18th century, the Sto:lo felt that the Lake’s special spiritual significance had lost it power and they added the additional Chinook word, “Cultus”, which meant worthless.


Cultus Lake Provincial Park

Cultus Lake is a provincial park and resort area that is approximately 1.5 hours outside Vancouver and 20 minutes from Chilliwack’s downtown area. One million visitors visit the park each year, such attractions as hiking, fishing, mountain biking, water slides, water park, the warm lake itself, the boating, the camping - all things that create memories - are what keep people coming back year after year. 

Both private and government camping is accessible in the Park. Cultus Lake actually boasts of the largest private campground in western Canada.


Did You Know? Cultus Lake is home to the Pygmy Sculpin (fish) which is found nowhere else in the world.