Hiking provides us a way of respectfully exploring and experiencing the land around us. There is so much to learn and see from appreciating the great outdoors – which we have plenty of! Make sure to pack water and wear the proper footwear for the best experience possible! 


For your convenience here is the map of the Cultus Lake! Click on the photo for a larger view.

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  • Cultus Lake Area Directions: 

    Directions: The following hikes can all be reached by Highway 1 Exit 104 (Yarrow-Cultus) following the signs to Cultus Lake. 

    Alternate: Highway 1 Exit 119A (Sardis-Vedder), south on Vedder Road to the Vedder Bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left at the next light on to Cultus Lake Road. 

  • Giant Douglas Fir
    #9 on the map >

    Distance return: 1 km 
    Time: Approx. 45 min.
    Elevation gain: 90 m  
    Highest point: 180 m

    This 800 year old tree is the oldest and largest in the park. Just think...it was a sapling when Genghis Khan roamed the earth!

    Directions: See Cultus Lake Area directions above. Travel 2 km from the Park Entrance. Just past the Delta Grove Campground, watch for the sign and roadside parking on your left. 

  • Seven Sisters -
    #8 on the map >

    Distance return: 4 km 
    Time:  Approx. 1.5 hrs.
    Elevation gain: 120 m

    Seven giant Douglas fir, some standing, some fallen, await you on this trail. Steps allow a close-up view when you near the trees.

    Directions: See Cultus Lake Area directions above. Follow signs to Cultus Lake Provincial Park and travel 1.3 km from the park entrance to Spring Bay picnic area on your right and park. Crossing the road, go uphill to your right, turn left into Clear Creek Campground, and left at the sign for the trail. 25 m further turn left again to hike to the giant trees. From there you can turn around or continue to Entrance Bay Campground and turning left, return to your car via the main road.

    Alternate: Trail can be accessed from Entrance Bay Campground. Park at Day Use, cross main road to campground and keep right. Trail starts just past Site #7. Steeper this way.

  • Teapot Hill -
    #10 on the map >

    Distance (return): 5km
    Time: Approx. 2hrs.
    Elevation gain: 280m
    Highest point 360m

    Most popular hike in the Park. Interpretivesigns and views of the lake. Some very steep sections. Suitable footwear is a must.

    Directions: See Cultus Lake Area directions above. Follow signs to Cultus Lake Provincial Park. Travel 2.3 km through the park to the sign and parking area for Teapot trail on your left.

  • Vedder Mtn. Ridge Trail - 
    #7 on the map >

    Distance (return):10km
    Time: Approx. 4hrs.
    Elevation Gain: 500m
    Highest Point: 945m

    Logging has led to road improvements, so 2wd vehicles with enough clearance to get through cross ditches can access the start of this enjoyable, undulating trail. Parking is much closer to the trail head, and gone are the days of suffering through the ‘horrible old road’ piece at the beginning and end. There is still a ‘buffer zone’ of trees flanking the trail so your connection with nature will remain intact as you trek this family-friendly route. Enjoy the occasional view to both north and south along the ridge. Ooh...and one short section of unexposed, rope-assisted rock scrambling near the top adds a touch of adventure on your way to the rounded, treed summit and that well-deserved lunch.

    Directions: See Cultus Lake Area directions above. 1.5km past the traffic light, pass the ‘Welcome to Cultus’ sign on the left, and turn right onto Parmenter Rd (paved) at the next corner. Drive 600m, turn right onto Vedder Mtn Forest Service Rd, go another 600m, turn left and drive 3km. Old parking area is on your left, follow improved road right for 500m to new parking area on the left. Walk left on older road for 100m to trailhead on your right. Orange squares mark the route.   

An avid hiker could spend weeks exploring Chilliwack's numerous hiking trails. Chilliwack's setting amid the Cascade Mountains in the Fraser Valley is spectacularly diverse, with lakes, rivers, wetlands, creeks, and lookout points to discover in the backcountry. 

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