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UK Boys Catch Giant Sturgeon

Chilliwack is proud to have welcomed young fishing duo of ‘Carl & Alex Fishing’ from the UK. These two fishing enthusiasts came to Chilliwack with adventure in their eyes and fishing on their mind, filming their entire, unforgettable experience, from hook to finish.

10 Chilliwack Fall Favourites

1. Scare yourself senseless

If you are looking for a really good scare this fall, visit Reapers Haunted House and Maze. Its popularity has put Chilliwack on the map for the scariest haunted house in the greater Vancouver area. Bravery is much needed and screaming is inevitable. For more information on hours and rates visit

Chilliwack - A Coastal Rainforest

Written by Sam Waddington –Chilliwack's Outdoor Expert, Owner of Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors

When I think about Chilliwack I see contrasts and I see so much beauty. It is fascinating to me to view our piece of the world as others see it from the outside, rather than simply how many of us look at it from the perspective of long-time residents. Many do not live and play amongst our mountains, rivers, lakes and valleys and identify this landscape as a rainforest. However that is exactly what it is. This area is a temperate coniferous rainforest, however it changes greatly from valley-bottom to mountaintop, and it is in this diversity that we truly have something unique.

Slesse Memorial Trail due for an upgrade

The other day I had the privilege to hike the amazing Mt. Slesse Memorial Trail with a handful of people to assess some of the work that needs to be done to make it one of Chilliwack’s flagship trails. For many Chilliwack residents the peak of Mt. Slesse is a prominent and well know feature dominating the skyline as we gaze up the Chilliwack River Valley. However many people do not realize the history and intrigue that is associated with the mountain and all of the features that make it truly a world-renowned gem.

Jump In, With Both Feet At Cultus Lake

Soak up the sun at Cultus Lake in the months of May, June, July, August, and early September, or visit year round for camping, hiking, and the scenic views. The selection ranges from provincial and private to B&B’s, vacation rentals, and cabins. Cultus Lake offers year round (even winter) camping at sites such as The Vedder River Campground and Sunnyside Campground.

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