Where To Fish

Chilliwack is home to some of the richest fishing grounds in North America. The Fraser River is the main artery and lifeblood for all 5 Pacific species of salmon. Coho, Chinook, Chum, Sockeye and Pink salmon all use this migratory route on the way to their natal streams.

The Mighty Fraser River lures guests from around the world to Chilliwack in search for the Big One. Home to a Prehistoric Giant Dinosaur, the White Sturgeon! It is the largest freshwater species in North and South America. Reeling in a 900lb sturgeon is not for the faint of heart! It is an exhilarating moment, a “fish tale” that is often told and retold, an unforgettable moment in time. Experience your own unique moment, book a fishing trip today.

Check out fishing reports from the experts before you plan your trip! 

Chilliwack's Most Popular Fishing Locations: 

Chilliwack Lake
Chilliwack/Vedder River
Cultus Lake
Flora Lake
Fraser River
Lindeman Lake
Pierce Lake


Cascade Fishing Adventures
You work hard and play hard! You need to experience the reckless power and aerial acrobatics of our notorious Fraser river sturgeon to understand what it means to fish hard. Contact Cascade Fishing Adventures for current fishing reports and to book your fishing adventure today!

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Email: info@BCsturgeon.com

Great River Fishing Advenutres
The Ultimate Family Fishing Experience One of the original Guiding Companies in the Fraser Valley since 1988. Imagine catching and releasing a giant “White Sturgeon” the largest freshwater fish in North and South America. Call and book your fishing adventure today. 

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